5 Insanely Simple Ways to Master Your Relationships!

If you’re reading this, most likely you’re struggling in a relationship, you want to know how to get to happy, and how to create the relationships that you’ve only dreamed about.  Right?

Let me help you!

As a mediator, I helped over 1,500 people to break up or get divorced. I know a lot about what an unhappy relationship looks like. I also know how to help people move from conflict to collaboration, from stressed out and miserable, to happy.

The truth is that with some small, simple tweaks, you can improve a lot of relationships.

Are there also relationships that can’t be saved? Absolutely! I have plenty of experience with those as well.

I used to be a rescuer, running around trying to make everyone happy.  That’s why I was so good at mediating! I saw everyone else’s needs!

As for me?  I didn't have needs.  If I did, they weren't anything that anyone else had to tend to.

Then, in 2015, I had two people try to kidnap me.  After the attempted kidnapping, I just couldn't rescue other people anymore.  I was having a hard enough time rescuing myself.  And I got a hard lesson in who in my life was there for me, and who wasn’t.

It was one of the worst times of my life. It also taught me a lot about reciprocal relationships, about making sure that there is both give and take in relationships.

I have such great relationships now!  I am truly loved and supported by those I'm closest to.  At the same time, I am no longer pouring energy into the bottomless pits, so I'm no longer drained.  I'm at peace with myself and who I am.  I no longer feel like I have to be doing something to be worthy of love.  I can just be me and be loved for who I am.

I want the same for you. I want you to have great relationships in which you are loved and supported. I want you to feel worthy of love. I want you to be loved just for being who you are.

When I was a mediator, I wished that I could get to people and help them before their relationships got to the breaking point.  So, I started breaking down the systems that I used as a mediator, helping over 2,000 people through conflict.  I also looked at what I did as a person to help me to see the best in people and get the best out of life and my relationships. 

I knew that wasn’t enough, though.  I needed to also bring in the pieces about healthy self-care and letting go of toxic relationships that I had learned after the attempted kidnapping. The truth is that with certain people, you will be happiest when you are not in relationship.

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