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For Me?  No, Really, You Shouldn’t Have.

Last night, I was sitting on the sofa, and I heard the cat calling to me. He’s never called to me like that before. He’s generally a pretty quiet cat.

I thought that he was lonely. It was sweet. I called to him, “I’m right here! Come here!” Nicely, not in a demanding voice.

He continued to call for me.

I called to him again, trying to get him to come.

He continued to call for me.

And then, I realized. That isn’t an “I’m lonely. Where are you?” call.

That is a “Behold the mighty hunter!” call.

Oh, no. What was I going to find? And how alive would it be?

When I started up the stairs toward the cat, I stopped hearing, “Behold the mighty hunter!” Instead, I heard faint squeaks.

Oh, no. Is it a live mouse and if so, how injured is it?

When I reached the top of the stairs, the cat came to greet me. He squeaked for me. He was so excited to show me what he had gotten for me that he was breathless with anticipation and could only squeak.

At least that meant that whatever else might be upstairs wasn’t squeaking.

He proudly showed me his dead mouse in the hallway.

I praised him and hoped that he wouldn’t eat it in front of me. I also hoped when I gave him treats for it that I wasn’t encouraging him to bring me more presents. I was just trying to distract him from the fact that his gift to me was going in the trash.

As a human, I recognized that the cat was bringing me a dead mouse to show he cared. (He also thought that I was pretty incompetent in terms of hunting - he’s right - and was showing me how it’s done.)

As a cat, he didn’t realize that a dead mouse in the house is a terrible gift as far as I’m concerned.

Sometimes, even when we are trying to speak the love languages of our loved ones, we get things wrong. We know they like gifts but we choose the wrong gift. We know they like quality time, but we choose an activity they hate. We know they like acts of service, but they don’t like the act of service that we did. And so on.

On the receiving end, it can sometimes be hard to see the love that was meant when the approach was so badly bungled.

May you find the delicate balance between, “Oh, honey, that’s so thoughtful of you!” and, “But please don’t ever do that again,” in your own life with your loved ones.

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Are you trying to defy the laws of gravity in your relationship?

Are you trying to defy the laws of gravity in your relationship?