Meredith at the Sunken Garden, Kensington Palace, London, England

How can you take whatever life is throwing at you and make the best out of it?

I can help you with that.

Hi, I’m Meredith Richardson. I survived an attempted kidnapping in 2015. Two people lured me to a remote location, where I was attacked. In 2018, I was instrumental in bringing one of the attempted kidnappers to justice. I wrote a book about that period of my life and I am working to get it published.

Until September 2018, I was a mediator, facilitator, and conflict coach, helping people through some of the highest conflict situations - divorce, parenting issues, adult siblings disagreeing about care for an elderly parent. I helped over two thousand people navigate their conflicts.

I’ve spent the last year wandering the globe, reconnecting with some of the best people I know, learning about myself, completely reinventing my career, all while writing two books, learning Norwegian, and now creating online courses.

Oh, and I also got divorced and my dog died. My life over the last year has not been easy.

Still, all things considered, it has been a good year. I don’t know that I could have filled it with any more change. It has been a big, beautiful, unstable, unsettling, and anxiety-producing year, as you might expect, with all that change in there.

So, that’s me. How about you? How can I help?

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Let’s get to work on creating your best life ever!